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 From July 13 till July 20, 2004 the LADA was taking part in the Berestetchko 2004 folklore ethnographic camp.

From May 4 till May 7, 2004 the festival "The New Is For Spring And The Anniversary Is For LADA" devoted to tenth birthday of the LADA workshop has passed. The new collection of costumes "New Light" was shown on the festival.

 From February 20 till March 31, 2004 the LADA was showing their works on the Ninth All-Russian Art Festival Of Young Talent “Zhiguli Palette 2004”.

 In March, 2004 the LADA was showing the collection of dowry at the Samara Regional Arts And Crafts Exhibition.

From October 17 till October 20, 2002 the LADA demonstrated its art on the Second National Festival-Competition Of Traditional Folk Creativity Of Youth “Yesenin’s Russia” in city of Ryazan. Samara Guipure was marked by Third Degree Diploma with giving of the Special Memorable Prize of the festival.

From June 24 till July 2, 2002 in the Berestechko camp a number of magic projects is realized. Within the framework of the project "Magic Amulet" the educatees of LADA successfully ran several creative workshops. Many events are photographed by the digital chamber by Ludmila Serykh.

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Olga Yakunina's Workshop "Lada" emblemOlga Yakunina's Workshop "Lada" is an educational center to teach Filet-Guipure Lace to children. The Workshop invites the girls from 10 till 17 years to learn this art. The classes is hold under the Olga Yakunina's program "Samara Guipure®". After graduation the certificate on additional education is given out. We invite you to cooperation in cultural and educational areas. A fragment of Filet-Guipure LaceWhat is Filet-Guipure Lace? This is a kind of old handmade lace, which has grown up in Western Europe. At the end of 17 centuries it was transferred to Russia by Peter-I. In the first instance needleworker weaves network by dint of a shuttle and a stick. Then needleworker embroiders the network with fancy stitches and figures.

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